Care and counselling ministries endeavour to create an environment where people can feel comfortable to express themselves, get encouragement and get support when experiencing hard times.
1. Tele-counselling – win many souls for Christ
2. Personal calls to all the members and visit to pastoral team has received great feedback
3. Donations KENWA,_ Police post,HER STORY organization,Turkana missionaries among others
4. Grief share team – this team was set up to take care of members who are grief-stricken and has received great feedback so far.

Other leaders within the department :
Care – Nancy Kyale
Counselling – ShironEkelemu and FrashiaKyalo

Currently the official day for the team to administer their services is Thursday which sometimes makes it hard for members to access the services with it being a work day. Official day to attend to people at the moment is Thursday but members are not always available.

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