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Shush & Find the Good

Ever gone through 5 consecutive tough days, in that they don’t even make an effort to smile at you, even for a second, and it’s only the Grace of God that you depend on to keep you sane? Well, I had such this past week. Almost everything was going the opposite direction at a very high speed that I hardly had time to sit and reflect on what or where the problem could be.

So on Sunday the 31st of January, the month known to have 90 days and a bonus, I woke up and prepped for Church. Hadn’t decided on what to wear and so I picked a dress that my heart wasn’t for 100% because how it came out wasn’t the way I expected, but I rocked it anyway. There are times/days I wake up in the morning and I can definitely tell how the day is going to be like, and so this was one of ‘those days’. Yes, I prayed, but I felt some kind of an unease. This wasn’t going to be a normal Sunday, and unfortunately, I couldn’t tell why. I couldn’t place a finger on the very thing that was amiss.

If I may digress a little bit, the previous Sunday (24th Jan), a Man of God and a fellow Anchoredite Daniel Mutua a.k.a Solidman, shared his story with us at The Anchored Lounge, and he concluded by saying, “Let the Word of God be more real to you than whatever it is that you might be going through”. Deep!! Didn’t know what I was to come face to face with exactly a week later, but His Word, His true and ultimate Word has been my Anchor. And by the way, yesterday happened to be his (Solidman) Birthday, so a very Happy Belated one Mr. That name fits you very well; it aligns with who you really are. You’ve stood firm on the Solid Rock (Jesus), just like 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 says, “We are pressured in every way [hedged in], but not crushed; perplexed [unsure of finding a way out], but not driven to despair; hunted down and persecuted, but not deserted [to stand alone]; struck down, but never destroyed”.

(Back to 31st). We normally have 2 Services and so after we were done, met a few friends here and there, attended The Lounge and then I headed home. Opened the door, got inside, switched on the lights but they were out. Talk of total darkness. I notice the window curtain is pulled back and the window is wide open. I instantly know that something is very wrong. I had had unwelcome guests. I started inspecting while walking around the house. On the seat, I noticed the washing detergent (which I had left well tacked in a polythene bag) had spilled on the seat. The previous night (Saturday), I had watched War Room the Movie, and I admired how this lady made a decision to kick the devil out of her home with prayer, and I too didn’t want to take chances. I started praying at the top on my voice with all Power and Authority bestowed upon me by God, rebuking and cursing out every demon and unwanted spirit that might be in the house. The door was still open but I didn’t care who heard me praying. This was my house and this emergency needed the attention of the Heavens.

I cleansed every corner of the room with the blood of Jesus, commanding the devil to pack all his belongings and depart from the place with immediate effect, because I wasn’t going to share neither the house nor anything in it with him. After the prayer, that’s when I remembered the laptop. Looking at where I had left it, it was gone, with its charger as well. What surprised me most about it all is that despite the heart beating a little faster, I wasn’t afraid. I was simply at peace (it’s normal, right?). I sat on the bed and tried to think of ways by which the thief managed to steal, from the window. I found the padlock intact when I arrived home, but nothing was adding up, and mark you, the padlock is one of the best in the market, so how they got access was a huge mystery altogether.

Checked if there was anything else missing and surprisingly all the other stuff were in their rightful places. I wasn’t sure of the next and best step to take, but as I sat there, still in darkness, the door half-way open, I decided to ask our IT Person at work of what happens when one loses a laptop. He explained the whole process of what I needed to do, and among the list was to report and obtain an abstract without which I wouldn’t be provided with another machine. I thought of doing it the following morning but again tomorrow was very far.

I had never visited the area’s police station, well, since I moved to where I currently reside (not so long ago though), but I got directions to the nearest station where I reported the case. Was advised to go back the following day as the Officer who handled such cases wasn’t in.

Going back to the station on Monday, I recorded a statement (where you tell your story as they write it down). When we got to the part in the story where I prayed, the Officer asked me, “Tuandike uliomba?”, and I told her, “Yes, write it”, and she smile and jotted it. Was given the O.B Number and was directed to the Deputy OCS office. Found her chatting with fellow officers, asked what my issue was, I explained the important parts, and then she told me that I first have to give them time to investigate the case before issuing me with an abstract. Really?? I was getting impatient. Tried to explain to her that my employer needed it so as to verify that the incident actually happened (my innocent face wouldn’t bail me out of this), but the more I tried, the more she played ‘hard to get’. I’m still standing there contemplating whether to leave or wait for the OCS instead. She asks for my name, give her the first one but she asks for the second one (I guess just to know which part of the country I come from, then what?). I reluctantly replied, then she tells me (in Kyuk), to go back the following morning (and and asking myself, will they have done the investigation in less than 24hrs?). I half-heartedly left for work and submitted the O.B Number (they usually write it on a very small piece of paper. The Gov. should supply each Police Station with enough stationery, for the abstract one has to buy from somewhere else and take it to them for signing).

One of the colleagues I shared it with, my desk-mate in the office, sympathized with me (don’t like being felt sorry for, but thank you CM) and told me, or rather reminded me (hadn’t forgotten though ???? ), that I should reflect on the situation a little deeper and try to find the ‘good’ in it, otherwise I’ll be the one to lose, meaning there’s a lesson I must learn from it (there’s always a lesson to be learnt). She didn’t make a reference, but I’m sure she was referring to Romans 8:28 (I’ll pick from my favorite version-AMP), which says, “And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.” I’ve always known about the verse, but I needed that reassurance, that reminder, a fresh revelation (coz at this point I wasn’t sure what to go with).

As I settled at my desk, a lot was going on in my mind, majority of it being lots of questions addressed to no one in particular, and I didn’t expect answers anyway. Some of the other (good) advice I got was that I should shift to another ‘more secure’ place, something that my mind embraced but the heart wasn’t for it. Indubitably, anyone would have thought of that as the best thing to do, but when the heart isn’t for something, the whole body and being doesn’t have a choice but to say, “Yes, Heart, we shall go with what you say”. The heart decides (this reminds me of a song that goes like, “Listen to your heart before you tell them goodbye”. Surprised I know it too? :-)).

This past Saturday, a friend of mine posted something on Facebook that I read more than once to understand better. It was in 2 Parts, but it’s the second part that stirred something in me. This is what it read, “Listen to me. God will allow you to go through difficult issues; He will let the devil play his games with you but to a certain extent. God steps in in His time just that He may take all the glory”. I thought of commenting but I chose to inbox her instead. I wrote “I know it’s true but I don’t understand how…” Of course I knew the answer to my question only that I needed more explanation and assurance of the truth I know (sometimes the truth you know and dearly hold on to can appear in a different way, especially when there’s a storm in your life). She replied and started explaining of how God works, reminded me of how Satan went to seek permission from God so that he could persecute Brother Job, and God gave him the go ahead. As I read that message I couldn’t help asking myself the obvious question, “Might the evil have gone to the Lord and asked Him to let him torment me for some time?” Hmm.

We know how Job’s story went, and in the end, Satan didn’t finish him. God came in (at the RIGHT TIME) and rescued His good friend Job. She went on and said something that I’m not sure I agreed with, then (though I didn’t tell her), but looking at it now I believe it’s true. One thing I do is refrain from writing about something that I don’t agree with, and so I had to make sure I did before putting it down here. She said that all trouble is either God-sent or God-used. The whole point was of the conversation was (for Job, and still is for us), there’s a line the devil can’t cross in our lives, and no matter how difficult and inexplainable the situation might be, God always steps in and gives us Beauty for ashes, like it says in Isaiah 61:3-AMP “To grant to those who mourn in Zion the following: To give them a turban instead of dust [on their heads, a sign of mourning], The oil of joy instead of mourning, The garment [expressive] of praise instead of a disheartened spirit. So they will be called the trees of righteousness [strong and magnificent, distinguished for integrity, justice, and right standing with God], The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified”.

How do you react when you’re overwhelmed with tests and trials emanating from every possible and impossible place? If you question, whom do you throw the questions at, yourself? God? Do you start cursing the devil and blaming him for causing you and your family problems? Do you usually take time to at least get to know why what’s happening to you is, or do you quickly jump into conclusions? It’s through some of these questions that you and I are able to sit back and try to look at the bigger picture and at the same time find a way to dance in the rain. I recently learnt that the worst thing you can do and confuse yourself, especially when going through a rough patch in life, is to ask questions, not like the ones above, but the likes of “Why me?” “Do I deserve this, really?” “When will it be my turn?” “Why are You taking so long, God?” “Are You punishing me?”. The constant Questioning causes you to be bitter. Bitter at God, bitter at yourself and at anyone else you think might be ‘playing a role’ in your misfortunes.

Every single thing we go through, the negative stuff to be specific, is meant to work out for our good, and what the devil meant for evil, the Lord always turns it around to work for our good. Yes, it might take some time (even years) before you finally find and see the ‘Good’ in what you went through, but trust Him even when you don’t understand. It’s in such times/experiences that I have learnt to trust Him more. Depend on Him even when every other voice tells you otherwise. He alone knows what’s best for you, and even if it means causing you to pass through fire and waters, like He says in Isaiah 43:2 (“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you), He will, just to get you to your best. Shush, and find the good in the bad.

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